LD Legenda

Mix Development Comprising 569 Units SOHO with Commercial Units at Podium and 3 Storey Basement Cardpark.

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LD Legenda Interior

Exclusive Interior for one of the Typical SOHO Unit

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Regatta Express Suites Hotel

Regatta Suites is a New landmark Strategically Located at the Heart of Kuching City

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Avenue 3 Condominium

Proposed 328 Units Condominium at Subang Jaya

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  • LD Legenda
  • LD Legenda Interior
  • Regatta Express Suites Hotel
  • Avenue 3 Condominium

ARKIDESIGN is a design-oriented firm, established in 2005.  At ARKIDESIGN, to be design-oriented means to practice a validated-theory analysis of design-thinking, bringing them into action and life.  Structured as a design studio cum workshop, ARKIDESIGN offers a broad, comprehensive range of professional services in the related domain of architecture, planning and project management.

ARKIDESIGN’s engagement in projects extends in variation to a spectrum of varying projects – comprising of multiple high-rise residential development, office towers, institutional buildings (includes international and private schools), hotels, commercial shop-lots as well as private residential bungalows.  We also execute master-planning exercises.

We emphasize on professionalism in our standard of work-deliverables.  We hold steadfastly to committing and providing high-quality, innovative and practical solutions to our clients.  Understanding our clients’ requirements and their objectives, we strive to assure all our designing work fully resonates with each of our client’s every need.




One of our steadfast company spirits is – preserving and improving human habitation. Why do we exist? We exist for the experience of it. It is critically vital we preserve this very existence in our human habitation. Our habitation – our place of residence, is our dwelling place and where we find settlement. At ARKIDESIGN, this habitancy is a natural environment which we strive to preserve and improve its state of quality – as it evolves into a community through time.

What lies under this human habitation comprises of an anchor of services and value-dispensation which we provide. ARKIDESIGN is virtually a complex networks designed to deliver “habitancy” to people – this is the reason of our existence. We exist to fulfill the purpose of meeting a community’s need for settlement in a safe setting. Restoration is the result which takes place, thus enabling natural conditions to be re-invented. This contributes greatly to ecologic, economical, social health and well-being of our citizens, our country and our world.